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Spinal Decompression

Are you suffering with:












These are NOT normal.


How we helped Jerry.....


"I first visited Dr. Nelson with pain in my right hip and leg which became nearly unbearable. I was unable to stand up straight for more than a few seconds or even stretch out in bed.  Standing in front of the X-ray machine on my first visit was pure agony.  Dr. Nelson noted that my lowest vertebrae was skewed and pinching my sciatic nerve. The prescription:   Decompression, therapy and adjustments. I eagerly attended each session, and noticed a lessening of pain after only three or four. After completing the series I have only a little pain.  I realize I will never be 20 years old again, but I can now stand, walk, and sleep with minimal problems.  Thank you all for the time you spent with me."

- Jerry, Prescott

Dr Andy Nelson, DC explains Spinal Decompression Therapy. 

Can our 7 part Decompression Program really get you out of pain while you sleep? 

Most treatments for back or neck pain look at only one aspect of the problem. They treat that aspect in isolation, ignoring all the other factors, or you are given pain pills and muscle relaxers which do not address the cause of the problem.

Spinal Decompression Therapy is a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of Back and Neck Pain and avoids the use of drugs or surgery

Spine Class 101

In a healthy spine, the vertebrae that protect the spinal cord are separated by discs made of sponge like tissue which absorb the shock of movement by the spine.  Back and neck pain may be caused by several problems with the discs including:  


Degenerative Disc Disease 

The disc material itself loses volume and becomes thin, causing the bones of the vertebrae to rub against each other and the nerves exiting the spinal column to become pinched.

Herniated Discs

The disc material actually bulges out from the nucleus and may even rupture, putting pressure on the nerves that extend from the spinal cord.  In some cases this results in radicular nerve pain, (numbness and tingling in the fingers or toes) and sciatic pain.

So Yes, the good news is that at Prescott Preferred Chiropractic we have a unique 7 part decompression therapy program that really addresses the cause of your pain and gets you back to the things you love to do, even while sleeping through part of your treatment!

  • Light therapy (cold laser)

  • Cervical or lumbar spinal decompression

  • Exercise therapy (strengthening muscles)

  • Therapeutic Massage (relaxing muscles)

  • Chiropractic alignment

  • Nutritional supplements (to reduce inflamation and repair injured tissue)

  • Home traction/Lumbar Support Belt

How can you benefit from targeted decompression?

Spinal Decompression.JPG
  • Takes pressure off the discs, bone structures and nerves

  • Increases the flow of blood and nutrients to the discs and promotes healing

  • With increased space a bulging disc may flow back into the space between the vertebrae where it belongs

  • Misaligned joints may see an improvement in alignment, giving them greater mobility

  • Increased space for spinal nerves to flow from the spine to other parts of the body 

  • Pain elimination!


It's time to end your neck or back pain, sciatic pain, or numbness and tingling in your hands or feet!  Dr. Nelson will perform a thorough exam and digital x-rays to see if you may be a candidate for our 7 part spinal decompression program.  

Call us at 928-778-7996 today! 

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