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Cleanse & Detox 
Whole Food Supplements 

Whole food nutrition isn’t like taking ascorbic acid, alpha tocopherol or beta carotene. These isolates are fractionated vitamins that lack the co-factors, synergists, micro-nutrients and trace minerals found in nature. I call these cheaper big box vitamins “expensive urine,” because you purchased something that not only might be bad for you, with synthetics that your body doesn’t even like, and don’t absorb well, but cost you time and money that should have been spent on quality nutrition that actually works. Your body may partially accept these isolated versions of nutrition, but searches for the other ingredients normally found in real food. This can actually create deficiencies in the process. Whole food nutrition delivers a spectrum of nutrients that nature would provide, in the right form only better!


Not only are the nutrients in our products natural, rather than synthetic, but they are highly researched to combine synergistic blends that are targeted for a specific purpose and spill over into the body systemically for a more complete solution and not just one condition. These nutrient dense whole food concentrates are broken down with enzymes and fermentation to potentiate the nutrients, making them far more deliverable and powerful. Enzymes are what makes food alive. Vitamins without enzymes and so all of our whole food-based supplements contain enzymes, and are therefore live foods.


Minerals are the catalysts in all reactions that take place in the body. We use amino-acid chelated minerals that our body accepts in order for the other co-factors such as vitamins and anti-oxidants to absorb and deliver 100%.


Professional grade supplements from world class formulators at Optimal Health Systems (OHS) are what I take personally and endorse for my family and patients that I so dearly love.

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