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We thought it would be best to let you know what our patients are saying... In their own wordsWe pride ourselves on our 5 star reviews and want to serve you the best way possible.

"I was very skeptical about chiropractic, but being in extreme pain (on a scale of 1 -10 I was between a 9 and a 10) I was willing to try anything.  I came to Dr. Nelson where I was greeted by smiling and helpful people.  After just one session I felt relief within four hours.  I could not believe the difference I experienced.  It was nothing short of a miracle, and I have continued to get better with each session.  I would highly recommend Dr. Nelson to anyone and everyone who is suffering any kind of pain.  If you are concerned about how you will be treated - let me rest assure are in good hands with Dr. Nelson and staff."




"After dealing with thyroid disease and losing my thyroid, I have suffered with many debilitating symptoms.  One of the most intense has been depression/anxiety/suicidal thoughts.  I have done everything my Doctors have recommended and I only seemed to get worse.  I have been hospitalized and been given countless medications without relief.  My wife suggested I try Emotion Code with Dr. Nelson.  I really didn’t expect much but I also didn’t have anything to lose. After the first session I received  some relief within a few hours which was when I noticed all of my symptoms were less intense.  I have had several sessions now and each time I notice changes. Sometimes it is a few hours before I recognize changes and other times it may be days later. I am having less “bad days” all around and more importantly, I am still alive!  Honestly I am not sure I would still be here without Emotion Code.  I will continue to have this therapy and have faith that this is a huge part of what will finally heal me."



"I came to  Dr. Nelson with my left leg  going to sleep and my neck making crunching noises when turning my head.  Periodically, I would get a sciatic pinch in my lower back that resulted in pain and difficulty with walking.  After 24 treatments of decompression, physio-therapy and TLC from the staff, I am now back to 100% range of motion and no discomfort from neck, back or leg.  The staff and Dr. Nelson are the best.  They are compassionate, personable and most concerned for our healing.  After all my visits with the ‘crew’  they are more like family than just professionals.  I will continue with regular visits to maintain my healing and when given the opportunity will continue recommending Dr. Nelson to those that need their services."



"I came to Dr. Nelson on a referral from my doctor who said she could not handle my case because it was too severe.  I complained of extreme back pain and sciatica from multiple herniated discs, one torn disc, misalignment and scoliosis.  I had tried massage, epidurals, rest, pain medications, physical therapy and even self medicating with alcohol.  I couldn't work, walk, sit or drive.


Dr. Nelson and his staff performed spinal decompression therapy, oscillation therapy, deep tissue massage, cold laser therapy, chiropractic adjustments, stretching, exercise and nutritional supplements. 


AMAZING!  I felt some relief after only 5 treatments, and things have done nothing but progress ever since.  I still have maintenance to do, but I am now PAIN-FREE for the first time in 19 months.  Dr. Nelson has returned me to my pain-free state, increased my energy level, helped me lose weight and improved my nutritional habits.  I now feel plain GREAT!


These people are consummate Pro's.  Thorough, caring and knowledgeable.  You can't go wrong.  I love these guys more than they will ever know.  They have made me whole again."



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