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Spinal Decompression Facts 

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The Disc: The Number One Source of Back Pain
  • Many Specialists Believe that 75-80% of Lower Back Pain Comes from the DISCS Anatomy: "What is a DISC?"

  • Does Not Have Blood Supply

  • Does Not Have Internal Nerves

  • Is Active Tissue

  • Has Significant Ability to Self-Repair

  • Has A Natural Pump Mechanism

  • Is Made up of 86% Water


ALL Disc Injuries Have 1 Thing in Common

  • They have lost their innate ability to maintain health and hydration

  • The Movement Driven PUMP MECHANISM Alternately compresses & relaxes pressure on the Disc pumping water and nutrients in, and waste products out How Does Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Work?

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Spinal Decompression Studies

  • A Study in The Orthopedic Technology Review (Nov 2003)

  • 219 Patients with Herniated and Degenerated Discs

  • 86% Showed Improvement

  • Only 2% relapsed within 90 days

  • Mayo Clinic Study

  • Post Treatment

  • Significant pain relief in 88.9% of patients

  • Average pain decreases from 6.4/10 to .08/10

  • Required fewer analgesics after treatment

  • No Safety Issues

  • No Adverse Effects

The McClure Study

The McClure Study (Dennis McClure, M.D.) took 500 PRE-SURGICAL cases in a double blind Spinal Decompression study.

After the study 91% NO LONGER needed surgery. Learn More 


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