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Meet Our Team


We Listen, We Care, We Get Results.

Our team of professionals is excited to show you the type of care that will not only get you out of pain, but change your life for the better.  We have worked together for many years and love what we do. We are passionate about making a difference in our community and in the lives of our patients, who become our friends and "family".  

Each week we train as a team to improve our skills, and in our morning huddle we discuss the needs of our patients...both physically and emotionally. 

You will quickly find that you have found much more than just a chiropractor in Prescott and why we are called "Prescott Preferred Chiropractic" - Dr Andy Nelson, Your Prescott AZ Chiropractor

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Dr John Kaminski 


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Sally, aka "YODA"

I am usually your first contact with the office.  It is my job to answer all your questions and make sure you feel comfortable with the whole experience.  I know people have many choices in healthcare and I truly feel we have the very best care available. 





Jayme Rix



Shirley,  CA, LMT

I'm grateful to be apart of the PPC team. I am passionate about empowering our patients to bring about the positive changes they are searching for. I love seeing them reach their goals and improve the quality of their lives. 

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