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Cleanse & Detox 

Yoga by the Pool


1) The 3-day cleanse for busy people on the go! (CLICK HERE)


2) The 30-day comprehensive cleanse (CLICK HERE)

OHS has 3 easy options, from a tune up to an overhaul, they can be used one at a time in baby steps, or all three in order to really make a substantial difference that your spouse and friends will notice, but more importantly, you will feel!

Now, here's the link that makes it simple and easy for you to order direct for faster delivery and 10% savings on your first order! Click HERE for whole food, plant-based, pre-digested, professionally formulated products from Optimal Health Systems (OHS), including the systems that educate on how, when and why these systems will help you bring optimal health.

BONUS #1 - You can even do lab work that goes beyond standard testing because it shows your "optimal" ranges, not just the normal ranges set by pharmaceutical standards, and it even gives you nutritional recommendations, eliminating the guesswork. Click HERE ( for an optimal health assessment.


BONUS #2 - Dr. Nelson performs a biometric exam to establish a baseline, set goals, monitor progress and provide weekly accountability checks-ins. Normally $49, mention "Get Healthy from the Inside Out" for only $39 weight loss office visits. * Package pricing also available, including Emotion Code sessions.


BONUS #3 - Beyond diet and nutrition, and for more sustainable health and mindset conditioning is your "why." Dr. Nelson offers personal development  coaching to become healthy and fit from the inside and out! Go to and enter PROMO code BECOME10 for 10% off.

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