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Outsmart Your Genes



Would you like to have an instruction manual to guide you in the most ideal nutrition & supplements for YOU?

If you are like most health focused people, you probably have a cabinet full of supplements and powders. Most of the time we cannot even remember why we ordered this one or that one. What if it were possible to customize a supplementation regimen based on your personal genetics and desired outcomes? Many have also run the gambit of the diet du jour, looking for that one diet that provides the outcomes they desire.

When I am doing an intake on a new client in my medical optimization practice, I ask them two questions regarding their supplementation list:

1. What is the reason you are taking this?

2. How are you measuring whether it is working to achieve that goal?


Get your personal human systems user manual

Apeiron Genomics has developed genetic performance profiles that have been implemented in medical practice for the past 10 years. Many online direct to consumer genetic tests are based solely on laboratory research correlations and few have had the clinical validation that you will find with Apeiron Genomics.

Our test covers many aspects:

  • Identifying appetite signaling genetics

  • Find your ideal carbs, fat, and protein mix for optimal performance

  • Identify certain dietary nutrients that may enhance/impair performance

  • Identify nutrients that enhance your concentration and focus

  • Develop a bio-specific (personalized) supplementation plan

  • Identify supplements that may reduce YOUR performance

  • Identify sleep practices to optimize YOU

These are just a few of the areas that can be answered in your genetics.


This is only the start of the benefits of Apeiron Genomics testing

Apeiron Genomics templates and reports are expertly delivered by Apeiron Certified Epigenetic Performance coaches. Apeiron coaches have extensive training in genetic interpretation and how those genetics are affected by epigenetic lifestyle modifications. This highly focused expertise allows them to guide you to the genetic and epigenetic root of the issues and importantly, to provide actionable strategies to create the change you desire.


Bonus for YOU:

In addition to the nutritional assessment, your comprehensive report will include:

  • Supplementation report – a 20 page report covering 18 different vitamins and nutrients and the probabilities of how your body interacts with each. This allows your coach to individualize a supplementation plan that is very bio-specific. This highly precise approach gives you the confidence you need to know that you are not taking unnecessary supplements.

  • Sleep genetics report – Sleep propensities are strongly coded into your genetics and identifying patterns can help you to implement lifestyle approaches to optimize your sleep practices.

This limited time offer is an amazing value!


What you will receive:

  1. Your personal genetic raw data – The Apeiron Genomics genetic test includes approximately 740,000 genetic variants and is obtained by a cheek swab so it is quick and convenient. This is your data and you own it, it is also private – your specimen is only identified through its barcode, you register the barcode on a separate server only to identify where to send your results. Your data is never sold, it is only shared with your Epigenetic Coach in order to obtain the report and then the data will be removed from our server after 3 months.

  2. Your personal report – a 45-page easy to read report on Nutrition, Supplementation, and Sleep – click here to view sample. These reports are expertly delivered by a certified coach; they are not available without an interaction with a coach because genetics are propensity based and not all things in the hard code always express. This fact requires that you interact with a person to determine what is expressing.

  3. One hour with a certified Epigenetic Human Performance Coach – This is where the true value of the offer takes shape. You will connect with a certified coach for a one hour video call. During this call your coach will guide you through the interpretation of your personal report and include an overview of actionable strategies to fine tune next steps on the journey to successful goal accomplishment.







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