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Emotion Code Part 1 with Dr Andy Nelson, DC

Emotion Code-Energy Healing, Part 1

This healing process is also called the Emotion Code Flow and Energy Therapy. It is a healing process that has become adopted in a number of chiropractic homes. You can find such services right here, in Arizona.

Do you know that emotional hurts have a way they tell on our physicality? In fact, they show in our structure and actions. If you have ever had an emotional hurt, or still do, you might be able to notice a number of differences that can be traced on your face as much as your body. The emotion code-energy healing is a healing therapy that helps you get rid of the pains and hurts from the past, by expelling them from you. Such hurts and pains that have stuck to you, like a bug in the cleft of a fabric are referred to as trapped emotions. This healing process helps to exhume those dreadful emotions from you.

In those times of emotion trap, you are shielded from relationships such as friendship and love. That is because the heart has suffered hurts and pains from rejection, denial and other forms of emotional abuse. The eventuality is, there is a wall built around the heart to shield it from getting broken and ached again. The wall is not literal, but it is the best way to express the shielding of the heart. Beyond heartaches, the wall prevents the heart from reaching other places where there are potentials of productivities in other aspects of life. This is why many visit clinics for the Emotion code-energy healing –to break down those walls, to move on.

How is a Trapped Emotion Released from the Body?

This healing technique for releasing trapped emotion is a metaphysical process that requires the use of a magnet. The magnet used is a common one. However, it is consecrated for this singular purpose –healing.

The magnet helps to amplify and focus the energy of one’s thought and intention. The focus is adequate and efficient to effect a change in the body. The human’s physiology is known to share interesting features with forces, similar to the magnets’. The striking similarity between both energies; a more felt and impacted outside physical contacts, is why the magnetic energy is employed.

If you are interested in being engaged in this therapy, just like going for a chiropractic adjustment, you must be willing to let that emotion go. It won’t be a big deal compelling you. Once you are set to let it go, the doctor with his professional skills and tools will help to generate an energy that you will focus on, and there, you are rid of those trapped spikes.

The Governing Meridian is set as the entry point of the amplified intention energy. It is a reservoir of energy, which directly links the entire acupuncture meridians in a body. You are to focus your intention energy in this Governing Meridian, it is triggered, and then it flows into your body, releasing the trapped emotions.

It is as simple as it is written in this article. Your doctor will be there to guide you through the process, making it more simple to execute.

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