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Nutrition & Weight Loss

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Our 21 Day Purification Program can help with: 

Stuffy head



Food Cravings

Weight Gain

'Brain Fog'

Low libido

Joint pain


Take the 21-Day Purification Challenge to Start the New Year Out Right!

Nourish, Cleanse and Balance with organic whole food protein, fiber, herbs and super greens to gently cleanse and revitalize the body. Remove toxins and eliminate possible food allergies, lose weight, help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Look and feel better in 2017!

  • Body Composition Analysis

  • Nutritional Deficiency Assessment

  • Realistic Goals Set

  • Patient Booklet/Journal

  • Daily "live" Email Support

  • “1° of Change” Recipe Guide Book

  • Doctor-Supervised Pre and Post Comparison Exam

Good health comes from good nutrition, and the best nutrients come from organic whole foods!

Dr. Andy Nelson, Chiropractic Physician at Prescott Preferred Chiropractic wants to help you become your best self. It's time to take care of you!

Prescott Preferred Chiropractic does not offer Fad diets!  Dr. Nelson's emphasis is to work with you to develop a strategy for all around improved health.  The nutritional foundation of that strategy consists of a 21 day purification program designed to remove toxins and help you purify your  body and rebuild itself from the inside out.  Dr. Nelson will have you complete a Toxicity Questionaire and then determine with you the best plan to reach your goals.  Some patients want to reduce their dependance on medication, get a better nights sleep, or have more energy. 

Why a Purification Program?   We are all exposed to toxins or pollutants on a daily basis.  Air and water  can carry harmful pollutants, not to mention cigarette smoke, household cleaning products, pesticides, preservatives in our food, as well as medications that our liver, kidneys and intestines have to process.  There are actually about 80,000 chemicals registered in the U.S.  Many of these chemicals can disrupt our immune, endocrine, nervous and reproductive systems.  Even though the body is designed to remove toxins naturally, it can become overburdened which leads to illness and dis-ease.  

By nourishing yourself with nutrient-rich foods you will provide your body with the complex combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are needed to protect and optimize your health. 

"My Father-in-Law was visiting us from England this spring and, prior to his visit, he was warned that he would be put on statins on his return unless he lost some weight.  As a family Sally, Drew and I decided to support him and did the purification program as a team.  Whoever heard of someone going home from vacation healthier and having lost weight!  Well he did!  He dropped 30 lbs and went from a 44" waist to a 38".  His doctor back home was amazed.  As an added bonus his IBS also disappeared! "

Dr. Nelson

Focus on Eating Right

Eat a variety of Food. Choose a rainbow of colors.

Eat frequently throughout the day to maintain a level blood sugar range

Read labels:  Avoid MSG, Trans Fats (Hydrogenated Oils), Artificial Sweeteners, Artificial Colors and Dyes

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