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Essential Oils

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"What are Essential Oils and Why Does Dr. Nelson recommend them?

Plant remedies, known as essential oils, have been used throughout the world for milennia and are one of nature's most powerful support toools available to help the body heal itself. Essential oils are organic compounds harvested and distilled from flowers, leaves, bark, stems, roots, and resins of what we call “aromatic” plant species.  Typical uses for essential oils include cooking, cleaning, skin care, animal care, enhancing air quality and supporting the emotional and physical needs of the body.  Essential oils can be used topically, internally, aromatically or by diffusing into the air.  

Are all essential oils created equally? No. Prescott Preferred Chiropractic uses oils from the most trusted sources in the world, ensuring that the delicate compounds naturally found in the oils are at maximum potency and purity.  Therapeutic efficacy of essential oils all depends on ensuring that the right part of the plant is harvested at the right time of day or year and during the appropriate time in the plant's life cycle. Our oils are certified to be pure, potent, genuine and authentic. 

How can I benefit from the oils at Prescott Preferred Chiropractic?

We have integrated the clinical use of aromatherapy techniques into our daily practice and we encourage home use of the oils. Convenient wholesale pricing and other valuable discounts are available to our patients through our office.

How Can Essential Oils Benefit Me? 

Essential oils have endless health benefits when used aromatically through a diffuser, topically, or internally as directed.   They can lift mood, support poorly funtioning body systems, and promote general wellbeing of mind, body, and spirit.

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